Hitra Salmon Ltd. is an Authorized  Representative of Conchilia Group / Hitramat Ltd. in India, Japan and China.
As an exclusive representation, we also represent Conchilia Group in Middle East, for FLY CATERING business only.
Kindly visit for more information www.hitramat.no and contact manish@hitrasalmon.no for Orders & details.

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No two salmon are alike. That is why we always treat it in a unique way, with an emphasis on the highest quality.


The company Hitra Salmon Ltd. is located on Hitra Island at the Atlantic Norwegian Sea, 125 km from the city of Trondheim. This island is known as the cradle of modern industrial fish farming, which dates back to the early 1970s when the Grøntvedt brothers put 20,000 salmon smolt into a basic pen which is considered to be the first salmon farm in the World.

The Hitra Salmon brand of superior Norwegian seafood is primarily based on Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), farmed in the clean and cold waters of the Norwegian Atlantic Ocean. Salmon of the highest quality is processed and smoked by hand according to traditional recipes. This is done by premier production methods and under the strictest hygiene standards with a continuous quality control regime. Therefore, the Hitra Salmon brand feels differently, smells differently and above all, tastes differently.

The company also processes and trades the seafood species of White fish, e.g. Atlantic Cod (Gadus morhua), and Pelagic fish, e.g. Atlantic Mackerel (Scomber scombrus), as well as live King Crab and Shellfish.

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“Mega Shop! If you want salmon etc. This is the right place for you! I’m not usually a salmon fan but this is fenomenal. The fish is absolutely fresh and is farmed, slaughtered and smoked on site.”

Torsten B.

Torsten B.


“Very nice staff. Best salmon in and around Hitra. A very good and large selection of salmon. I can highly recommend it to everyone.”

Daniel M.

Daniel M.


“Fish arrived freshly caught. Very good quality, well chilled, well packaged and was delivered quickly. Kind regards from Germany. Long-time customer of Hitra Salmon AS.”

Alexander S.

Alexander S.



Mr. Jan Ulrik Kjølsø

CEO, Purchase & Quality Director

Mr. Kjølsø is an Agronomist and the main shareholder of the company Hitra Salmon Ltd. The company is located on his 260 hectares seaside farm. In the early 2000s he started processing fish including smoked salmon, which is the early beginnings of the Hitra Salmon brand of superior seafood. Mr. Kjølsø is regarded as a national expert on smoked fish.

He enjoys work on the farm and as a fisherman. In his youth he was a marathon runner. Mr. Kjølsø is educated at the Skjetlein Agricultural College.

Mr. Manish Kumar

Marketing & Sales Director

Mr. Kumar is an Economist and Business Psychologist, born in India and moved to Europe in the late 1980s. He is a Norwegian citizen with extensive and successful salmon export marketing and sales experience from one of the world’s largest Norwegian salmon producers. Mr. Kumar has a large network of international clients predominantly in the Asian markets. Mr. Manish has his education from India-Delhi University, Estonia-Tallinn University and USA.

Mr. Tore Bisgaard

Financial Director

Mr. Bisgaard is an Economist with a comprehensive career in management, finance, accounting and IT. He has worked as a Financial Manager, and as a Commercial Consultant for a number of Norwegian companies in different industry sectors. He has a keen interest in classical music, opera and ballet, and is a sponsor of the Røros Classical Music Winter Festival. Mr. Bisgaard has his education from the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH) and the Norwegian Business School (BI).

Dr. Ole Sundnes

Development Director

Dr. Sundnes is an Economist, with a career as an international government consultant, former Norwegian commercial diplomat and research director, with extensive work experience from both the private and public sectors in Norway and abroad. His interests and activities include corporate and national economy, tourism and geoeconomics. Dr. Sundnes is mostly educated in the UK and holds an MSc from the University of Surrey and a PhD from the University of Oxford.

Elke Engler

Divisional Sales Manager for Norway, Czech, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Klaus Engler

Production Manager

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